2020 is coming!

The Tolero racing machine is gearing up for 2020 and we are very excited that we have one of the best women’s squad in Arizona. Come join us for the upcoming season and get in on some great training rides in the fall. We’ll be updated this site in the near future and follow us on Instagram at Toleroracing. We’ve had a great 2019 and we expect 2020 to be even better!

Parking update for Marana Heritage Crit

We have had to modify the parking for the upcoming crit and modified the map. Race course remains the same.

Please park along either side of Lon Adams Road then take the pedestrian underpass into the park. Additional parking is available along W Gladden Farms Dr. Please do not park in the neighborhoods or erect popup tents along the road or on sidewalks. Note that Heritage Park Drive, (which is the road into the park), is also the course and will be closed to traffic during racing. There is space for team tents, vendors and RVs/trailers inside the park but entry and exit will be limited to between races or at the discretion of the course marshals and traffic control police officer. If you plan to park inside the venue, please contact us by emailing Lynn.orchard@cox.net prior to the event for instructions. On race day for vehicle access to team parking inside the venue, notify the parking coordinator located at the corner of Lon Adams Road and they will assist you.

For more information, visit the Marana Heritage Crit page.


Avondale Crit and Race Against Time

Kelly Poarch picked up a 3rd at Avondale [and he entered 3 races? como se dice “overachiever”?] and plenty of others from Tolero were out testing their legs too. Andrea Cinalli hits her first TT of the season and gives a short recap here.

Podium finish for Kelly  Poarch in Cat 4/5 40+

Podium finish for Kelly Poarch in Cat 4/5 40+

North End Classic results

In the first race of the year, newcomer Scott Bumb won his first race as a Junior and Alex Garcia pulled in a 5th place in Mens 55. Nice job to the both of them.

Scott Bumb takes first

Scott Bumb takes first