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Avondale Crit ’14

Another weekend of great result for Tolero:

Colton [Joseph] Keeler took 1st in Cat 5

Trent Bryfogle took 2nd in Cat 4

Adam Bryfogle took 3rd in Cat 2/3

And racing together in Cat 3/4, Trent picked up 2nd and Adam 10th


Bicycle Haus Crit ’14

Kimberly Lucie finished atop the podium out of a field of 23 in Cat 3/4. It looks as if her finishing sprint killed it.

Trent picked up a 3rd place in Cat 3 and his brother Adam in 9th, then both raced later in the day in Pro/1/2/3 and picked up 4th and 5th.

Damon and Colton went for a successful photo opportunity, with Colton picking up 2nd in 5s. Still waiting to hear what the story was, as well as from all of Tolero. Zoom zoom!

colton damon off front Jan14


Not So Underground Crit ’14

[more photos coming]

Congratulations to Trenton Bryfogle with 3rd in Cat4, and to his brother Adam placing 4th in 2/3/4.
Of course, they both entered two races and Trenton followed with a 7th in 2/3/4 [just behind his brother] and Adam a more than respectable 9th in Pro 1/2/3. Sorry but no, they are not related to the Manning brothers or the Williams sisters.

“The 1/2/3 was full of attacks and organization. A couple attempts at break away with Nate proved to be unsuccessful as we were eventually reeled in by Landis and Tribe multi sport. I sat in after taking a prime only to watch a break away form shortly after. On the last lap, a rider sitting at about 8th wheel went down after turn three. I was able maneuver around the accident and grab fifth for the field sprint, taking ninth over all.” – Adam

Kudos to Colton Keeler on his first race with Tolero, taking 2nd in Cat5. His description of the race:

“Took 2nd out of a field of 58! Pretty much responded to every attack, and sat in the front of the field, doing work for the first half of race, Prime lap came about for the cash, and got money hungry! Who doesn’t like cash, attacked just after turn 2, made a pretty decent gap. 5 laps to go, I sat in waiting for attacks! 2 laps to go, the field goes crazy! Set myself up in a good position for the 2nd to last turn and just drilled it, resulting in my 2nd place finish!” – Colton

Yes, you can feel the excitement over here at Tolero Racing!


2013 Riders of the Year

Kudos to THE Nate Davis for being co-winner of the 2013 Arizona Rider of the Year.

We don’t just appreciate Nate for his fantastic speed and talent but his great commitment to Tolero Racing and cycling in general. He is also helping Tolero train a new crop of speed demons and we expect great things from all of them [and they may pip Nate in a few races as well!]

Well played, Nate!Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.19.53 AM