Monthly Archives: December 2021

(Let’s start that over) 2022 is coming!

Our last post was most definitely an understatement.

There is a lot that could be said about the past two years and it has been a bit rough for most of us and rougher than that for many. Our team has continued riding and training during this large asterisk of a racing season and we are looking forward to racing in 2022. We enjoy helping develop racers and have team workouts and racing clinics. If you are thinking of dipping your toes into the waters of racing, come check us out. We are here to help you do your best and we have a large women’s squad as well. If you are a woman and haven’t met someone from Tolero on a group ride in Tucson, we’d be surprised 🙂

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook. We’ve been a little quiet as of late but expect more posts from us. We ride together, We race together, We win together.